Gratitude’s Gifts

Gratitude’s gifts are several. It gifts us with a moment or few of heart-uplifting, thankful, good feelings. Psychological studies find that practicing gratitude enhances well-being. If we share that gratitude with another, it makes us feel (measurably!) even better. As … Continue reading

Goldenrod vs. Ragweed: Don’t Blame an Innocent Bystander for Your Seasonal Allergies!

Late summer – with its sunshine, abundance of harvest-ready produce, flowers, and extra fun squeezed into evenings, weekends & precious days off – is marred for many by the return of hayfever. Allergy symptoms are seriously blech, to use a … Continue reading

Red Raspberry Leaf in Pregnancy

Red Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus): Myths & Facts, Safety & Efficacy, Mechanism of Action Red raspberry leaf tea is perhaps the best-known herbal medicine used in pregnancy. It has a long tradition of use in both Europe and North America.  … Continue reading

Kitchen Herbalism: Red Raspberry Leaf Vinegar

Wildcrafting note: Raspberry is abundant in wild and semi-wild spaces throughout temperate North America and Europe, and perhaps can be found in your own yard or a local abandoned lot. Ideally harvest the leaves for use before the fruits appear. … Continue reading

Natural Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

Good news: you can manage your seasonal allergies naturally! Naturopathic News: there isn’t one natural medicine that works for everyone.   What’s good for allergies? Seasonal allergy symptoms occur when the level of inflammation in our bodies reaches a certain … Continue reading

If your period is kicking your ass, kick back

No More Painful Periods So, it turns out that menstruating doesn’t have to hurt. Is this hard to imagine?In this instalment of the Natural Medicine for Painful Periods series, I share some stats and underlying causes, and present evidence for … Continue reading