Fancy Kale Salad for Special Occasions

Fancy Kale Salad for Mother’s Day and other spring special occasions


My mother in law just arrived to help us paint a couple rooms, and settle into our new place – hurray! Coincidentally, her flight got in early on Mother’s Day. Naturally, we celebrated her arrival by cooking several feasts. This salad was part of dinner, paired with grilled marinated pork loin chops (her idea) & sauteed fiddleheads (my idea). I think the salad would be good with anything grilled, and would also be an impressive pot-luck contribution, since it is a little different and very flavourful.


Kale Salad with Beets, Strawberries & Avocado


Strange combination? I thought it sounded weird, but it was by sweetheart’s request, and based on what was in the fridge at the end of a weekend of cooking & eating, and the flavours actually worked very well together. Since raw kale benefits from sitting in the dressing (it becomes more digestible), you can serve this at a spring garden party or potluck gathering without worrying about the salad getting wilted.



1 bag or small box of baby kale (or 1 bunch finely chopped kale, stems removed)Fancy Kale Salad for Special Occasions

1 large beet, boiled, peeled & chopped in quarter rounds or cubes (I used leftovers from a previous meal, so the beet was marinated in umeboshi vinegar, olive oil & dill)chopped beets with dill

5 large strawberries, washed, topped, and sliced into quarters

1 ripe avocado, cubedCubedAvocado



** I didn’t measure anything so please let your taste buds guide you – it should be strong tasting and oily enough to break down the kale leaves **

Juice of one lemon

1-2 tbsp umeboshi vinegar

¼ cup olive oil

2 tbsp toasted sesame oil

1 clove of garlic, minced (optional)


Combine dressing ingredients in a jar, shake to emulsify. Taste, adjust as needed. Pour dressing over kale and toss well. Let the kale marinate while you prep the rest of your dinner. Add the other ingredients just before serving and toss.

(Sorry, no pictures of what we ate yet! We were too busy enjoying our dinner to pause to snap photos. Next time. If you make this salad, please take photos and share them with me!)

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