Professional Dispensary & Apothecary

Sheppard’s Purse
(Capsella bursa-pastoris)


Dr Mahalia Freed maintains a full dispensary of herbs in tincture and dry form, in order to custom formulate a prescription that is exactly right for you.

Tinctures are sourced from Viriditas Herbal, St Francis Herb Farm, and MediHerb.


Are you looking to order larger quantities of dry herbs? Ingredients to make your own bodycare products? Order directly via Mountain Rose Herbs. Mountain Rose Herbs offers high quality organic bulk herbs, gourmet spices, loose leaf teas, essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural body care ingredients. Their extensive selection includes certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested, & Kosher certified botanical products.


A selection of high quality, professional supplements are available in the clinic for client convenience.

Additionally, many product lines may be ordered online & shipped directly to your address via Mahalia’s account with NDStorefront .
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