Client Stories

Getting to the root of Anxiety, Stress, & Addiction:

“Care with Mahalia is comprehensive, accurate, honest and always enlightening. 
With Mahalia's care and guidance, I have changed my life.”

JE, 28 year old female
Severe chronic pain, anxiety, benign prostatic hyperplasia:

Daniel was weak, pale, gaunt and sweating when he came for his first acupuncture & naturopathic treatment with me, Mahalia. At his next visit, he had colour in his face, and said with sincerity, “You gave me my life back”. He writes, “After nine years of unrelenting pain, my life changed dramatically. I could function and participate in life. I wasn't on the outside looking in… Mahalia is the real deal. She is intelligent, informed, professional and is always there for me whenever I have concerns or questions. One thing I can't omit is Dr Freed's advice and guidance with to diet. I'm now eating healthier and feel the results. I urge and encourage anyone who wants help and has not found satisfaction with traditional (allopathic) medicine to call or email Dr Freed. She may and could change your life.”

Daniel O’Leary, 63
Lung infections, stress, exhaustion, menopause:

“Mahalia is wise, generous, gracious, compassionate and kind.  Her knowledge of health and healing is profound.  In a single year, she has gently helped me shift from decades of pneumonia, flu's, colds, stress and exhaustion towards wellness and joy.  Our work continues. I am deeply grateful and know that you will be, too.”

SW, 59 year old female
Looking for a Naturopath? I have been seeing Mahalia for a long while and she has helped me so much...nutritional counselling, a listening ear, emotional energy continues to grow and she treats my children sometimes too.

Erica Wilson
Mahalia is super smart and super intuitive, which makes for such excellent care. When I went to India last year, she helped me immune boost and I didn't get sick at all. Highly, highly recommend her for naturopathic care!

Carrie Klassen
Traveller’s Diarrhea? Traveller’s Health!

“Everyone told me that getting sick while travelling in India is inevitable. I was going to be working in a shelter where sanitation could be a concern and I wouldn't be staying in pretty hotels. Before I left, I saw Mahalia about immunity-boosting. She asked me lots of questions and then gave me advice about keeping healthy overseas, as well as a few naturopathic remedies she'd whipped up. Of all the volunteers, I was the only one to never get ill. I felt fantastic! I'd recommend Mahalia always for any pre-travel healthcare (even a quick flight to Montreal is germ-ridden!) or for anyone who needs strong immunity for their work (like performers or the self-employed). Or for any other health issue that you'd like tended to with care and respect and thoughtfulness. Mahalia is wonderful.”

Carrie Klassen, Pink Elephant
Acne, Menstrual Cycle, Breast Health:

“You have become my #1 health resource.  Under your care and guidance I have been able to gain some control over issues that I have been dealing with my entire adult life, namely acne.  When I was ready to be finished with Band-Aid western treatment options of synthetic hormones and topical chemicals, I'm so glad I had you to show me how my body could overcome these issues with your guidance and care.  What is most valuable is that I feel more empowered about my health with you on my side, and to feel empowered about one's health is quite a feat amidst the many ways toxins have trespassed into our daily lives through our water, food, air. I also should mention that I remember you saying something like, "Your true self can shine through now" and that is how it feels with my acne and health issues under control.  When I look in the mirror I'm not focusing on my acne or worrying about my 'lack of' menstrual cycle or worrying about a lump/tenderness in my breast.  I'm able to be in the present moment more - that is really important to me.  🙂 ”

Bonnie Mok, M. Ed
Depression & Weaning off Antidepressants:

"I met Mahalia after I decided I needed to change. I browsed the Internet for Naturopaths because conventional specialists were exactly what I wanted to stay away from. They had worked for me in the past, but not anymore. I needed a new approach - a new understanding of myself and my physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Having to deal with anxiety and depression for so many years, and after going on a battle of resignation with antidepressants, I decided I needed to move on and do things differently this time around. I wanted to "free" myself from chemicals for good. 

As soon as I had my first consultation with Mahalia, I was sure I had made the right choice. She was there to help me, to give a hand, to listen to my body and what it had to say. To look at me not only as a patient, but as a whole human being, made of matter, energy and spirit.

The bodytalk sessions are absolutely amazing. I had never done it before, and it really felt like a breakthrough when I realized my body knows so well what I need! The flower essences are of tremendous help and I am now proud to announce that I am off the antidepressant meds I had been holding on to for 4 long years. And it has been so much easier than I ever thought it would be. In fact, I am surprised of how smoothly this process took place. I can assure you, the feeling of freedom is priceless. 

I always knew this day would come. And I am so glad I found Mahalia to guide me through it. It has been and continues to be an amazing journey! 

Thank you Mahalia for making it possible. I couldn't have done it without you!"

Sandy Ventura, Reiki practitioner